Inherently psychic with an ability to reprogram your subconscious mind, Georgie Maroudas is an unmatched force for transforming and healing your life. With a sensitivity and deep sense of compassion for your struggles, pain & hardship, you are guaranteed to metamorphose under her graceful guidance and expertly honed craft. A leader in her industry, Georgie's sharp psychic senses, open heart, and passion to help others are offered to those who are ready to let go of what is no longer serving them.

Free yourself from your limitations


SINCE 2017

As a ThetaHealing Practitioner & Instructor, Georgie believes that learned subconscious limitations hold each individual back from living a full life. Working with Georgie, gives you a chance to put these limitations to bed for good; providing you the opportunity to free yourself from these blocks and open yourself up to the limitless possibilities available to you. For it is the releasing of these limitations, above all else, that will allow you to create a very different reality for yourself; permitting you to CREATE A REALITY OF YOUR CHOOSING



The ThetaHealing Intensive is Georgie's core growth accelerator, which allows you to make immediate changes in a specific area of your life. This efficient, 90 minute Intensive is the perfect aid to align your subconscious mind with that which you wish to create in your physical reality.

The stark contrast between your current circumstances and those which you wish to create, can be overwhelmingly confrontational without expert guidance and healing. In this 90 minute intensive Georgie facilitates the releasing and reprogramming of your subconscious mind to align and unlock the manifestations of your desire.


ThetaHealing and Manifestation are among some of Georgie's favorite tools for transformation. Georgie's passion for helping others, along with years of honing her skills, has led Georgie to becoming known for her ability to help others spiritually and physically metamorphose.

In the ThetaHealing Quantum Metamorphosis, you work exclusively with Georgie; where she expertly transforms your dreams into consciousness, time, space, energy and matter.