Upon stumbling across ThetaHealing, it was never Georgie's intention to become a full-time ThetaHealing Practitioner. It wasn't until a year into studying ThetaHealing, that Georgie decided to change her business and make ThetaHealing her profession. For it was the tremendous transformation she experienced in her own personal life, through the use of the ThetaHealing techniques that lead to that change.


Georgie's passion for empowering others was formed through her own personal transformation. Her ability to move beyond the limitations that plagued her life and into a space of limitless possibilities and freedom, created a burning desire within her; a desire to empower others and teach them how to move beyond their own limitations. Georgie has completed three ThetaHealing Instructor courses and teaches others the ThetaHealing technique.


Working with many clients over the years, Georgie identified certain processes, that when used together, accelerate the transformations of her clients. She developed these methods further and created a 6 & 12 Month Mentorship program called ThetaHealing Quantum Metamorphosis. In this mentorship program you work closely with Georgie using her signature process to accelerate the metamorphosis of your entire life.

Each individual has their own unique story that has lead them to where they are today; some of those stories however, keep those individuals stuck in the pain and suffering of the past.

For those who are willing to let go of the limitations that have held them back and are ready to create a life of their choosing working with Georgie will allow you to rewrite the stories of limitations into ones of empowerment and transformation.