January 14, 2021

Cravings = Resentments

Everything in life is a message, from the conversations we have with others, to the manifestations of our reality. However, one of the greatest communicators of messages is our body. When there is discord within the body, the body usually communicates this discord in many different forms, some of which include: aches, pains, soreness, uncomfortableness, etc.
One form of communication that seems to occur frequently is in the form of cravings! Whether you are craving a chocolate bar or whether it’s a pack of chips, this is your body’s way of letting you know that something is up!
And when it comes to cravings it’s usually the body letting you know that you have unresolved resentments that need to be addressed. Which is why when you eat whatever you are “craving” you never really feel satisfied because the root of your craving has NOT been addressed.
However if you take the time to sit down and confront the resentments in which you are holding onto, as well as sending forgiveness to those who you resent. There is a VERY VERY high probability that these cravings will disappear as quickly as they came on because you would have addressed the root cause of them!
Love Georgie