January 14, 2021

Imbalanced Boundaries

Boundaries are essential to humanity! Without boundaries the world would be in complete chaos. Our individual boundaries are crucial and are set and supported by our belief systems. Our beliefs/boundaries are expressed to the world through our energy field (aura)!
Our boundaries define who we are and who we become in this world. They also serve as a verbal/non-verbal guideline of how we allow others to treat us.
There are a two main ways in which an imbalance in your boundaries can be created, they include:
*Your beliefs – your beliefs play the biggest role when it comes to your boundaries. If you subconsciously allow others to take your energy, strength and power, your boundaries will become imbalanced. Most people deal with imbalanced boundaries by overcorrecting, which can manifest as strict and rigid boundaries. This overcorrection causes you to feel that you have to fight for your boundaries and can then lead to bursts of anger when people overstep or disrespect your enforced boundaries.
*Your emotions – The emotions you feel and experience on a daily basis can positively or negatively affect your boundaries. When we feel positive emotions such as love, joy, happiness and bliss, our aura naturally expands. When this occurs our protection barrier also expands, decreasing the possibility of being negatively affected by others. On the other hand, when we feel and experience lower vibrational emotions such as hate, anger, resentment, we shrink our aura. When our aura shrinks so does our protection barrier. This opens holes in your aura, allowing others to drain your energy and negatively impact you. Therefore when we feel higher vibrational emotions are boundaries instantly expand and are strengthened.
Love Georgie