January 14, 2021

Repressed vs Trapped Emotions

Over the years, something I’ve come to realise is that there is a big difference between repressed emotions and trapped emotions; and they can affect each of us differently. Here is the difference between the two……

Repressed emotions are emotions which we unconsciously avoid. Usually they tend to be “negative” lower vibrational emotions that have caused us some degree of pain. We subconsciously repress and avoid them as that is the subconscious minds way of protecting us from the pain and hurt we experienced in the past. 

Trapped emotions also tend to be “negative” lower vibrational emotions that are unresolved and have become locked and trapped in the subconscious mind/body. Many times trapped emotions are created when something, so traumatic is experienced by an individual that they become overwhelmed by those emotions and don’t know how to deal with them. 

The main way to tell whether you are experiencing a repressed emotion or a trapped emotion is by the level of degree in which you experience the emotion. As an example let’s use the emotion of despair to demonstrate the difference. 

If you were to experience the repressed emotion of despair: When it would arise, you would feel despair and want to avoid it. You may partake in some activities that make you happy and allow you to change your mood fairly quickly. If you were to experience the trapped emotion of despair: When it would arise, you would be overcome by the emotion of despair. No matter what you did or tried, that emotion wouldn’t subside. 

These examples can be true for a variety of different emotions, and can cause distress, frustration, anger, confusion & a range of other residual emotions when left unresolved.

Love Georgie