January 14, 2021

Unresolved Trauma In The Body

Unresolved trauma can manifest in many forms, but one of the most common forms is dis-ease…
Our bodies are made up of tiny little cells which in their purest form are pure energy. When we experience an interaction, event, situation or scenario which causes us to experience or feel negative emotions such as hurt, pain, trauma, suffering, hate, etc these experiences are felt by every single cell in your body. And when these experiences are left unhealed or unresolved, they create a disturbance (dis ease) in the pure energy that flows and makes up the body.
This disturbance in pure energy over time can then physically manifest itself into our reality as disease.
Disease is our body letting us know that there is an unresolved lower vibrational emotion, memory, experience, interaction or situation which we are holding onto that is creating a disturbance in the pure energy of our body. If left unresolved it can have multiple negative side effects such as the disease becoming worse, another disease manifesting itself or it may even include years of suffering for the individual involved.
However we also have the ability to identify, heal, release and resolve all aspects of our past that we are holding onto and the same is true when it comes to disease. By identifying the unresolved lower vibrational emotions, memories, experiences, interactions or situations which we are holding onto that are creating the disease we are experiencing we can free ourselves of the past and restore the body to full health and well-being.
Love Georgie