January 14, 2021

What are Divine Timings?

A question I seem to get asked a lot is…. “Georgie, is my destiny already planned out for me?”
The answer to this is both YES and NO. Previously to you entering this life, you made a series of choices that included: what you look like, the body you have, the colour of your eyes, the family you would be a part of, the day you would be born, etc. And in that process of making these very important decisions you also chose 3-6 divine timings before entering this plane.
What are divine timings?
Divine timings are major events which you decided upon before entering this life. They are what some would call destiny, as these are destined events that will happen on the day you choose them to occur, no matter where you are in your life! Each person has their own divine timing that is unique to them and their journey in this life; and we all have 3-6 divine timings. These can include: meeting your soul mate, the birth of a baby, your wedding, meeting someone who changes your life, it can even include the work you’re meant to be doing in this life. Some divine timings are one event, while others may last several years.
We had free choice in the preplanning of these divine timings and we still have our free choice now. Outside of our divine timings, we create our own destiny/future through the choices we make, the thoughts we think, the beliefs we believe and the energy we radiate.
Please note that there is a big difference between divine timings and knowing your future. Divine timings are events that cannot be changed, where as your future can be.
Love Georgie