January 14, 2021

Your Beliefs Create The Energetic Blueprint Of How Others Treat You

When it comes to relationships and how others interact with you or even how they treat you, the results you feel and experience within all of your relationships are determined by your beleifs.
Here is how it works:
+ The beliefs you have about yourself, how you treat yourself, and how others treat you cause you to draw in and attract the very things you believe. Therefore if you believe that people don’t listen to you, or that people don’t respect you, then you will continue to attract these very people into your existence; because that is what you believe.
+ Beliefs are energy. Therefore every belief you have about relationships and how you are treated act as energetic beacons. They signal and act like a blueprint to every single person you interact with informing them on how interact with you, what your beliefs are, what you’re boundaries are and how they can treat you!
+ They way you treat yourself, is how others will treat you!
The relationship you have with yourself, sets the tone of every other relationship you have. If you criticise yourself, put yourself down, disrespect yourself, hate yourself and be mean to yourself, this energy will attract individuals who also treat themselves in a similar manner; therefore it will be more likely that these relationships can manifest to include backstabbing, criticism from others, jealousy from friends, etc.
So if you’re not liking how others are currently treating you in your relationships, then you have two options:
Option 1: Identify the blocks and limitations that are currently creating your experiences in relationships. And once these blocks and limitations have been identified then release and transform them so that you can create the relationships you DO want.
Option 2: Begin to change the way you treat yourself and think of yourself as a friend. Instead of berating yourself and putting yourself down, be kind to yourself and have compassion for your journey. The more you treat yourself kindly and lovingly the more likely you are to attract the same loving treatment from others.
If you choose to embark on one of these options, please be kind to yourself during the process. Sometimes our past patterns and conditions are so deeply ingrained that it can take some time to begin to see changes. Nevertheless persist and I guarantee it will be worth it in the end.
Love Georgie