January 14, 2021

You’re Already A Manifestor

Our energy is the most creative force there is in the universe, and yet most of us don’t realise how powerful we already are. This becomes evident when we take the time to look deeply at our current reality. In doing so, we can clearly see that EVERY single experience, emotion & event in our current reality is of our own subconscious creation.
The current circumstances, emotions & events you experience in your relationships, business/career, finances, health, spirituality, as well as your personal growth and development have ALL been manifested by YOU!
All of these manifestations, whether good or bad have been created by your current belief system, blocks, limitations, fears, unresolved traumas and negative/positive patterns.
If you are happy with every single manifestation, experience and circumstance you are encountering right now in your life, then pat yourself on the back for manifesting the life you want!!!!
However if you are not happy with EVERY single manifestation, experience and circumstance you have in your current reality, then you have come to the right place!!
Although you may currently be subconsciously creating some negative experiences in your reality the good news is: YOU CREATED IT! Therefore if you created it, you can also discreate it and create something different!
+ Let go of the limiting beliefs you are currently holding onto, that are dictating and creating your current reality
+ Resolve and heal the past, so that you are not subconsciously dragging it into the present and then into the future
+ Reprogram your mind with new empower and uplifting beliefs that will pull you forward into the life you want to create
+ Transform the negative emotions of hurt, pain, suffering, anger, hate, sorrow, grief, resentment, etc so they no longer hold you back
By resolving, releasing and healing the unresolved memories of the past we are able to change our energy, our beliefs and our thought patterns and therefore change our current reality.

Love Georgie